We are like back to pak tor life.. That we stay at our own house, meet on weekend, waiting for call at night, keep chatting with each other via fb..
Remember last year this time we were separated as well.. Actually all my fault lar.. Haha coz whenever you hv an opportunity to work oversea I'm the one who encourage or should I say push you to go.. And keep saying I can handle it don't worry but when It come to few days before your depart I'll b so regret! So angry with myself crying all night…

Asking whether can you not go.. Haha why am I like that right? I oso dunno btw we never feel bad after looking at each apart.. Coz sure have lesson that God want us to learnt.. From these apart I learnt..
#1 look and take care of things around me, when we are together our eye have only us.. So we left out things around us .. I manage to talk to his family member more
Have better relationship with in-law cox when he's around I speak less but when I'm alone with them I can really talk with them

This week new activity ! Chiropractic treatment in imu.. I've been having this shoulder and neck pain problem since uni.. Ill crack my neck when I feel my neck muscle is stiff and pain after years sitting infront of pc my right shoulder become sore and pain due to using Wacom tablet..
So my mum ask me to go chiropractic adjustment in imu with the intern .. So far so good after 2 course I feel good and finally it a solution before this I tot these problem is going to be with me for entire life

But the doctors say it can be cure after 3 weeks treatment of coz provided I change my lifestyle sitting position..

Sneak in Topshop and come out with this on lunch with church mate..;) super love it but not sure when can I wear

After chiropractic we are suppose to place this ice pack on the sore part.. Totally different from Chinese medicine whr we also go for hot or warm on sore area..

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