Cutest baby!! I like him very much!!! Not only be coz his cute little face., but also his personality!! So calm so gentle and he is a like a big children when adult talk he just keep quiet and look at you. When you carry him he will look at you with his big round eye! When his daddy (our pastor) talk something funny on stage everyone laugh he will follow us laughing and giggling! How come so cute!! He made me wanna have baby so badly!!

I brought him this suspender pant from h&m few months ago now only he can wear! Time to stock up more clothes for him! He is growing too fast..

He slept on me!!! Most remarkable memory we had!! Haha I'm insane Aunty! Tho my top is not comfy when I'm bz talking with church mate he slept quietly and I don't want to let go him anymore.. These day I carry a few babies in church they all sleep while I'm carrying them! Great achievement for me!!

My Sunday school kids! 2 of them are leaving.. So bu she de!! They are cute and they are really blessed by God! Hope they will follow God path as they growing up

I really enjoy teaching! 🙂

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