24 hour per day is. Not enuf for me! Woke up at 430am for a shoot .. Been really long time I touch camera..hopefully the outcome is ok..

I'm so sleeping and half dead..:(
And I bang my head just now when shooting to a really hard wall shelf! So So pain!!! And I feel sick and headache after the bag till now!!! More than 4 hour d!
Gonna try to sleep n see how .. Nitez..

Hubby send this photo of me he snap during one of the job we had 2 months ago..

I really Thanks God for all the work opportunity.. Great and inspiring people we meet.. We are nobody but they wiling spend money and taking the risk of prewedding photos in our hand, company and Blogshop that constantly give us job and project..

God is so good!

Room sweet room I miss you so much!!!

Mask and a nap before I heading out to pick Hubby Ming from airport #goodwife #takmalu

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