I miss free time that I can watch endless drama and movie!

I miss daydreaming or play the sims without worrying pending job waiting for me to complete

I miss blogging about nonsense randomly without afraid my client saw my update and come chase me for work coz they see my blog like I'm vy free like tat ..

I miss movie and shopping I've not enter the cinema for more than 3 months! Shopping I do but for sourcing props and outfit for client!

I miss my life! LIFE where are you!

Just rejected a job!! And feel so bad for the couple!! I'm so sorry!!!

Why am I going thru all the mess myself!!!!

My favorite this new collection for reverie! Everything are premium and quality are so good!!

Another sweater with nice and soft material!!! Serious! I'm not lying!

Tomorrow gonna wake up at 4.30am!!! What is this?!?

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