Wht kind of country Malaysia turning to be? Or should I say we Malaysian turning to be?
As for me I slowly turning to be a mad woman who scare of everything!

#1 i wouldn't place my bag on passenger seat guess everyone in msia doing it now to avoid window being smashed bag being snatch!

#2 I wouldn't walk alone in the street if really no choice I'll walk like a crazy women holding my bag tight looking around to see someone followed me behind ornot

#3 I walk in the car park in high speed mode even with friends we don't talk or answer phone call we just walk straight as fast as we could to the car and lock the door immediately no matter we have settle down ornot put my bag nicely ..,basically just throw everything in include ourself and drive away from the car park asap! Car park in kl are most dangerous place!

#4 do not do any outdoor shoot in street or place at night!! Even a crowded street is very dangerous! We went petaling street for night shooting twice! 1st time we keep rushing and keep thinking they someone behind following how dangerous it could be if someone targeted us! And second round which is recently! We really got targeted!! And luckily the madness in me let me scene it earlier we manage to escape from disaster!

That night the photographer suggested us to shoot at a street she spotted earlier so we bring our Singapore client thr just a few step away Jalan sultan which have many cars and police car passing by.. As usual my job is to look around and be alert then I spotted this motor with 2 indon siting hiding across the street looking at us! So I told hubby and tho is one way road they really come opposite way! Then hubby use his monopod to poke them and they run away

They din gave up tho and Thanks God we escape again coz we stop immediately and faster walk back to crowded place, And my Singapore client conclude that Malaysia is really dangerous as wht they seen in YouTube!!

#5 be alert everytime! Till I become overact! Which happen today.. I'm driving my mum new car which is the latest model that just landed Malaysia..

So I went to post office settle my stuff when I come out a guy standing vy near my car peek into the car so I stand quite far away shouted at him 'Oi! Buat apa! since he look like Malay .Then he look vy scare and speak in Cantonese 'eh no no I'm looking at ur new car only! Not rob! ' then I'm so paiseh faster say sorry and hide inside my car! And I wonder why I become like this huh! Tho my mum and Aunty told me I'm doing it right and reasonable! I have to protect myself!

I feel really sad and sorry for that fellow..

Sad because I'm slowly turning into cold blood over protecting myself , I asked myself if someone needed help.. Will I give a hand? Or stand aside like others too just to ensure ourselves are safe! Coz I really experience once few years back in JB I'm waiting my mum to fetch me home from mall a guy try to snatch my phone.. I fraught back !shouted !there are more than 10 person looking but no one bother help!

And thanks to my stubborn personality I die die don't wanna let it go then the thieve let it go and scold me gila.. No one came up to ask did I injure ornot everyone just pretend they don't saw it !! And from that time onwards I really swear I'll help people when they are in my situation.. But today I doubt so!

Sorry, because he just being curious about the new car model or just to kill some times while waiting for his friends to arrived and suddenly got shouted by a crazy women (me)

Actually I don't mind chat a little about the car or let him see the car inner design but coz I'm too paiseh and shock about my reaction i have to hide in the car asap!

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