Gonna start a fast journal here of my everyday life.. Blog are too heavy to me to post something I dunno why

Monday my usual teaching day my class start at 9 to 12! I quite like it .. Quite satisfied when student got wht you teach and remember apply it.. sad when I have to deal with really lazy and stubborn student used many way soft, strict , reasoning and all seems like useless.. Hmph

Tho I enjoy teaching but I really hope this semester end asap so I can go Singapore with hubby!

A sneak preview of the room that we gonna stay in Singapore!
Is pink!! Oh no.. Tho my blog is Kiminpink I don't actually don't wear pink, use pink and I don't wish my room to be pink either.

Hubby gonna try his best to change it and another round of furniture buying after our own room .. I really miss my room!!! So much!!!

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