Make up routine on sat! Only when hubby is back.. I seldom make up on weekdays.. Couldn't find any reason to do so..

Super love this album design by shuwan!!

Awesome charcoal chicken rice pot at pudu!!

Finally I met little #fightertiah in person.. Haha *little fan* here..
We did a shoot for him.. He is so cute and handsome with his super big eye staring at you..

I often felt vy emo on mid week especially when I'm stuck with all work no play and looking at endless work and email.. I feel so helpless.. If hubby is here at least OWT stuff is under his care at least there are someone to pat my shoulder give me a hug tell me everything gonna be ok.. At least someone make me laugh or sneak an hour before sleep to watch movie together.. Coz I'm so miss all these moment so when he call me at this emo stage I go angry at him automatically..(I just can't control)

I'll be extremely quiet and cold in the phone.. And he will know I'm emo..Kersian him right? Haha
I can really continue this for days if works getting more n more I'm getting really exhausted and tired.. Then he will call n call (extra call and me continue extra silent) but when he is back for weekend I just couldn't angry at him anymore once I saw him I felt my burden is half lighter..and sm more he will buy something I like to make me happy how to angry you say..

And I'm sold..

I know I'm not suppose to do that.. I'm trying to change and pray whenever I feel stress and helpless hope things get better..

Feeling Christmas!

Looking forward to spend my Christmas in Singapore!

Yadah Sweet Milky Tint & Mascaras

Yadah is widely known for its natural skincare products suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.
i’ve tried their skincare range..not bad tho!
 This round, Yadah is launching Sweet Milky Tint and Mascaras!
Sweet Milky Tint 01 Sweet Cherry | RM25 Sweet Milky Tint 02 Sweet Pink, RM25 
Bloom Mascara, RM35 | Highlash Mascara, RM35
Let’s check out Sweet Milky Tint
2 way tint!
you can use it for lip to create perfect gradient lip!
and also on cheeks for Blush Tint!

1. Bloom Mascara ( superior last volume and length without smudging! Water resistant!)
2. Highlash Mascara ( Extends lash length while providing smudge-free and also Water resistant!)

so you want volume go for Bloom if curl and lengthen then Highlash will be your choice~

that’s me trying all these products!
What i feel about the product
1. Very affordable for natural skincare products
2. Mascara is good! easy to remove i don’t prefer those mascara that are hard to remove..
create natural volume to the eyelash 
3. Milky Tint- i love tint blush i used more than 5 brand of tint blush 
this from yadaah is equally good and last longer just abit tricky on apply~ you can follow the above visual to apply.. i also tried on lip not bad too last long like lip marker

i used Yadah Bloom mascara for upper and lower eyelash | Milky Tint 01 Sweet Cherry on cheek | Milk Tink 02 Sweet Pink for gradient lip
#nofilter photo so you can see the color clearly 
Both new range will be available starting December 2013 at selected Sasa outlets in conjunction with Christmas! 

Yadah is available online too, the products are available at, and