Today mark the third week!

and actually the third time we are apart
the first time he was send to oversea training for 3 months
that time we haven’t got married yet and its already very tough time to both of us
then was last year he was sent to Taiwan to give training for 1 months
i used to write a lot of blogpost when he is away but not this round because
i’ve been planning lot of work in order to keep myself busy so i have less time missing you
but i left out this moment of driving the only time i’m free and my brain is full of you
someone must wonder haiya 3 months only why so sad! go enjoy your single life lar!
but not for me we had been together for almost 7 years and we stick together 
we depend on each other so much! 
after we got married we will missed each other even when both of us are working
we text, keep chatting online updating each other share link on info and jokes
i think that’s why we have less friends as we are happy on our own
our Saturday always packed with works but never feel tired coz we work together and Sunday we serve together in the church spend times with family 
we have endless topics! we talk nonsenses we talk about serious work stuff we talk about religion and life 
you’re such a soul mate to me..

We skype every night sometimes we just look at each other thru the screen and there’s tear in the eye 

why are we going thru all this, I thought our life are stable we have work, company, church, family are all here why we go for such a drastic change? i thought we are planing for baby? i love my freelancer life and OWT a baby that we build it up 
this is something i always asked God when i felt emo and down

To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven. 
 Ecclesiastes 3:1 

That’s God timing…life is not as what you thought!
you might died tomorrow and you will never plan that right!
and that is what i always got conform from..
the word of God

the sweet part coz im lucky to have sweet friend that often text me and date me out for tea and check out how am i dealing with this
and this apart to reassure how much i love you and need you again..
i’m also happy that you are a little nearer to your dream and doing what you familiar and passion with

9 thoughts on “Bitter-sweet

  1. I understand ur feeling as I have been maintaining a long-distance relationship for almost one and a half year because of further studying.
    Sometimes I just willing to stay at home to chat with him thru whatapps, fb or viber. Never lost contact for hours.


  2. Totally understand your feelings. 😦 My bf had been away for work and we only met each other for 1-2 days every few months. Tough times! But have faith and stay strong! 🙂


  3. Hi, i have been reading your blog for quite some time now, and i envy you a lot, your wedding, your lifestyle, I always love to read your blog.
    And today when i was reading this, i felt sad inside, but nevertheless i know you will pull through, cause god has plan for everyone.
    and this is just part of his plans.

    Cheers babe. 😉


  4. Be happy that you felt that way. sometimes, times apart and a little sadness is what keeps two together for a longer time.

    Not to say that you need to endure sadness to feel happiness but don't you think times like this is what keep refreshing our thoughts n feelings to appreciate the other half even more?

    It's very rare that two people who found each other are so engulfed with their other half that they don't need any other people in this world anymore. Happy for both of you 🙂


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