Today mark the third week!

and actually the third time we are apart
the first time he was send to oversea training for 3 months
that time we haven’t got married yet and its already very tough time to both of us
then was last year he was sent to Taiwan to give training for 1 months
i used to write a lot of blogpost when he is away but not this round because
i’ve been planning lot of work in order to keep myself busy so i have less time missing you
but i left out this moment of driving the only time i’m free and my brain is full of you
someone must wonder haiya 3 months only why so sad! go enjoy your single life lar!
but not for me we had been together for almost 7 years and we stick together 
we depend on each other so much! 
after we got married we will missed each other even when both of us are working
we text, keep chatting online updating each other share link on info and jokes
i think that’s why we have less friends as we are happy on our own
our Saturday always packed with works but never feel tired coz we work together and Sunday we serve together in the church spend times with family 
we have endless topics! we talk nonsenses we talk about serious work stuff we talk about religion and life 
you’re such a soul mate to me..

We skype every night sometimes we just look at each other thru the screen and there’s tear in the eye 

why are we going thru all this, I thought our life are stable we have work, company, church, family are all here why we go for such a drastic change? i thought we are planing for baby? i love my freelancer life and OWT a baby that we build it up 
this is something i always asked God when i felt emo and down

To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven. 
 Ecclesiastes 3:1 

That’s God timing…life is not as what you thought!
you might died tomorrow and you will never plan that right!
and that is what i always got conform from..
the word of God

the sweet part coz im lucky to have sweet friend that often text me and date me out for tea and check out how am i dealing with this
and this apart to reassure how much i love you and need you again..
i’m also happy that you are a little nearer to your dream and doing what you familiar and passion with

BOY Hair Saloon, Siam Square

My sisters visit this saloon on her last visit 
and she really love their services and haircut so she highly recommend us to have our hair cut there
Boy is a Japanese hair saloon situated in Siam Square above one of the boutique
Always love how Japanese work they are patient and pay full attention on details and of coz Japanese hair style are to die for 
the interior more on vintage and minimalist
very comfy and homey feel!

there are japanese (1000bath- haircut & wash) and thai stylist (800bath – haircut & wash)
we option for Japanese stylist 
 Ishii Yoji

i got my hair dye last minutes too..hehe
the color he give me is a pink base brown..
after 2 hour of cut and color i missed my mango tango meal, and shopping time
but its all worthy at very very reasonable price! (3800bath)
what you think? love how he set my hair! 
i can never achieve this even with the same curler! 
Im wearing crochet top and puffy skirt 
Boy hair saloon located 
at 2nd Floor,Scala 204 Siam square Soi 1
another branch at 3rd Floor,The 49 Terrace,Sukhumvit 49
quite full reservation even on weekday
but you may go earlier for booking then go shopping at paragon, siam square and all
then come back again for haircut..

Tomorrow Reverie will be at Churpout13 together with 826closet!
actually i do not think of going till Cathy asked me join as vendor
so we sharing a booth!
We will launch our new arrivals tomorrow too!!
and all the items in our website will be at special low price~

hope to see you tomorrow~
end this post with a outfit i wear to Boy
crochet top, puffy skirt (launching tomorrow at Reverie popup store), pop corn bag and peach flat~

Birthday Lunch

just got back from family trip! tho i’ve been bangkok uncountable
but this time was really different! a lot of sightseeing involved yet still manage to shop till drop
supper fulfilled!
will blog about it next~ hopefully!
okie here overdue post about my Birthday lunch at Sage, The Garden
Thanks hubby for all the effort on my birthday!! 

hubby look very formal here..light make rush there right after my class
i just start my new part-time teaching web design in local college! so far so good~ 
Kochi Tomato Fruit Salad with Sea Scallop, Roquefort Cheese and Walnut Vinaigrette
Seared Smoked Petuna Ocean Trout with Flying Fish Roe and Wasabi Mayonnaise
love both the starter~ scallop cook perfectly and salmon is awesome!
Aged Angus Beef Striploin with King Mushroom and Pommery Mustard Sauce
Medium well tender and juicy!
Pan Roasted Deep Sea Pomfret with Foie Gras and Red Wine Sauce
Hubby love foie gras a lot! The strong favour balance by the taste of the fish!
Kyoho Grapes Melba with Vanilla Ice Cream and Tuile
2 Choice of Artisanal and Fermier Cheese with Fig Terrine and Home Made Walnut Bread
Honestly do not appreciate cheese but the ice cream is refreshing and yummy
White blazer, peplum closet, reverie printed skinny 
And my birthday present from sister Tien 
Thanks hubby Ming for such a great meal! 
We will be apart again coming 3 months he will be relocated to Singapore
and i will be here finish teaching my course this semester and also project for one way ticket then we will see how~
no matters how good you plan your life its all depend on God
when you though you have everything planned well actually you do not know what challenge lays ahead!
everything happen for a reason and there must be something God want us to learn from being apart, staying away from family and working oversea..

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.
Proverbs 16:9 

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. 
Romans 8:28 ESV