Pre-Birthday Staycation


#1 ootd for twenty3 gateway laser cut in top |  Reverie highwaist short | hat from bkk | Monki tote | white sandal
#2 brought 3 bikinis but only manage to wear one 
#3 beach outfit Reverie Bohemia Net Fringe Top | H & M short
#4 infinity pool at Hotel beach lounge 
#5 random camho in the car
#6 Dungaree is kinda good for bikini cover up easy to wear and take off for swimming
#7 our activity there was swimming, swimming and swimming, i enjoy swimming very much! and almost drown coz the pool was so deep 2.5m! 
#8,9,10,11 we also went for food hunting in Seremban, the famous baked crab, salted egg yolk sotong (食家海鲜楼) and also the squid meehon at Seremban Pasar Besar
#12 heading home oufit Topshop mesh tank | highwaist short |Plaid shirt 

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