826 Exclusive- Paris T-Shirt in White

Commercial break time
ya right today is my birthday i still have time to blog
when you grow older birthday is like nothing so special
i even scedule a job today later…
btw just got back from pre-birthday staycation that hubby planned for me
 something really different one, relax, good food, swimming and….ill blog about that later
okie back to the topic
 introduce you the self printed tee by 826 closet!
im so amazed with the quality seriously!! 
the material and the printed word are so well done!
is really better than topshop tee that i wore previously
thicker and the word are velvet embroidery.. some tee fade a little after machine wash but i tested this
is perfect! just like what i received from the parcel!
hello again to the gold foil short that i worn last year!
since the aw13 have this element of high shine fabric so i dig this out from my wardrobe 

 the size i got is xs, fit nicely on me
i think any statement necklace  matches the tee! 
and thanks again to Cathy, the owner of 826closet for this early birthday gift she got me from Melbourne, she is so sweet! 

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