Hello September~

August passed so fast!!all packed with work!
nothing excited or fun..:(
I always looking forward for September! 
im gonna start my new part-time this month! totally new and yet familiar to me, i’m so nervous 
and also the big PLAN is launching this month too!hahah wanna know what? read thru this post~
most of the pictures are post in my instagram 
if you haven’t follow me please do so..:) @kiminpink
#ootd to church
Reverie mini dress
no matter how busy sunday is always a day for me to come before God, quiet myself and ponder about my life, my sins and fed by God’s words
#ootd to dinner with my family
Reverie crop top // coming soon skirt // Her Wishlist biker clutch
always try to spend at least one meal in the weekend with my own family
love joking around talking nonsense and laugh together~
honestly this wouldn’t happen with my in-law family dunno why i supper quiet when i’m with them
although it’s been 1 year! 
another similar outfit just that im going more casual
with slipper and ripped short from Reverie
i go to studio often for props arrangement, set up scene for client, or shooting project
still love the fact that we have a office/studio that allow us to do more projects without worrying venue for shooting, meeting clients
since everything in the studio are quiet flexible we can simple switch them into whatever we want
for example a room scene for mv shooting, a comfy set up for maternity shoot, a studio for product shooting with lighting or natural sunlight~
#ootd to meet friends
my friends are so sensitive nowadays! whenever they see me in bigger or looser dress 
they will come whisper to me asking whether i pregnant or not!
haha for even in the 1st min dress~ 2 person in one morning came and ask this question! 
ya and this is my son!hahha
my godson!! he is so cute right?!! he sucking my shoulder no matter how you carry him he will try to suck anything near to his mouth your hand, arm or shoulder!
did i mention i have new shopping habit? is the kids department!
h&m kids, cotton on kids, mothercare whenever i passed by ill definitely stop and see what can i buy for him! ill get to see him at least once a week in the church 
everyone will queue to carry him around 
#ootd to the mall
Topshop peach sweater // Zara flora short // 826closet semi clutch in silver
there’s are nothing much to shop in the mall 
why malaysia so boring?! all conquer by those big retailer
layflat #ootd to friend’s church wedding
Reverie stripe mini dress // 826closet clutch in white
so regret to forget to take outfit pictures for this coz i heart this dress so much!
i always have hard time finding perfect dress in size and length
becaus i’m petite and short 
so when i saw these series of mini dress i gone crazy~
i just got my first gynaecologist visit last Monday
it was my 1st time! the last was some general ultrasound
it was scary at first because without plan i did the pap smear test and also ultrasound!
so shy! and scary!! haha but my gynae is a women and she is so gentle and nice which make me feel better
the reason why i go for the gynae visit is because of the big plan!
yeap im not pregnant hahha just planing! im not sure when but leave it to God
doctor say im fine and good for pregnancy, im very careful on this 
is my responsible to check whether my engine are good for baby though cyst might also grow when pregnancy then i cannot prevent but that’s God’s plan~
Korea Nail Wrap / Sticker from Omoshiroi.Ya
for those who love nailart but not good in creating one with your hand, this will be a very good option!
this is my version i go for paster paddle pop color 
is easy to apply! everyone can have nail saloon type of nail!
there are lot more sticker design! 
 discount code for kiminpink readers for 20% off for the nail stickers ^^
valid till 30Sept 
go to their fb for check out more and pm for price or order!

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