Daisy Shirt + Biker Handclutch = Her Wishlist

Again another post of pretty items from Her Wishlist!
really like their selection of clothes!

Summer Daisy Shirt (good material) + Biker Handclutch (nice and soft PU)
i match with ruffle skort and my heavy lion necklace
surprising this color quite easy to match with my outfit
have been using it multiple time the orange just make my boring monochrom outfit stand out a little
 how i look with these lovely items
don’t worry about their quality! its been third time (1st, 2nd) for me to receive their stuff overall are nice and well packed and and price are super affordable~
so check Her Wishlist’s page and check out the latest collection!
and go shopping like for the first time in this month!
zara autumn collection is awesome!!! burn a hole in my pocket!!

haha my laogong also in flora printed shirt! people must feel pening when looking at us..haha

4 thoughts on “Daisy Shirt + Biker Handclutch = Her Wishlist

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