Vintage Cafe

i enjoy style and planing concept for each couple in One Way Ticket
It’s been sometimes since i have a concept shoot for me and hubby just in time for our 1 year anniversary 
so we planned a shoot with our photographer and also her boyfriend right after our shooting project in cameron
we take turn to shoot pictures for each other, it was fun 

actually im the one who love to kacau him like that.. 
rather different to have photoshoot after wedding
maybe because we are closer now and we do not feel paiseh with all the intimate poses..haha
maybe we should have a Post-wedding photoshoot in future for owt

the setting is very very vintage! anyone wish to know where??

our theme color is orange, navy and white
Hope you enjoy the pictures~
God bless you!

8 thoughts on “Vintage Cafe

  1. This is beautiful and meaningful to have a shoot for your 1 year anniversary. If every year got one, can see the family grow. Haha I love this place too! Friend went there for her pre wedding shots!


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