Being a wife

1 year being somebody wife
what have i achieve? haha nothing much!
maybe because my husband not demanding, and have not much expectation on me!hahha i sound hopeless to him huh
okie this is my usual day~
he will woke up earlier than me to work, get himself ready quietly and kiss me goodbye while im still on the bed sleeping like pig
then at 9 my turn to wake up 
sometimes i will choose work from home or go to the office 
sometimes i will meet my friend for tea and also do work together! 
normally i go office alone then my partner Lucas will come meet me in the office till we got a new intern!
how i look at work 
if im working from home sometimes ill offer to cook lunch for hubby 
so he come back from office on lunch time to eat with me 
my cooking result card! hahha not all but these are mostly all i know to cook
olio aglio, sesame salad, simple rice with 3 dishes, tofu soup, macaroni, congee and soba
if im in the office i just have simple lunch nearby or just skip lunch
back to my wonderland aka owt office!
i love spending time here playing with my props!
such a fun and big big space for me keep stocking in stuff
after work i will leave earlier to skip jam 
at night the kitchen is my in-law’s territory so i wouldn’t be cooking dinner
i go my mum place for dinner once a week 
since the in-law family are busy at work on weekend i will normally go back to accompany my family if i do not have work 
Back to home!! before bed we will spare sometimes for movie or drama together 
with some snack sometimes 
and bible time
There goes my day

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