Yay to Online Shopping!

Im always a fan of online shopping!!
till i can be very good friend with my neighborhood post man, he even call me when no one at home to pick up stuff and check out whether am i in the office so he can send over! haha so kind right him! 
i buy tons of stuff thru the net~ from clothes, accessories, skin care, deco stuff, and also handmade stuff!
so today i compile a few stuff i got online or got sponsor by online seller!

 Lovely handmade product from Cuppatea
i used to into sewing so much!! but my job now don’t allow me to spend much time in front of sewing machine~
but this girl Boe (the owner) is very passionate! she sew everything on her own!
you can find all sort of pouch for camera, phone, card and etc in her blogshop!
love her taste on choosing fabric maybe because she is working in fashion industry as full time 
the picture on the right are bookmarks
on the left is handphone pouch that fit s3 nicely~
and right is my favorite! the fabric look like a craft paper i use it to store my namecard! 

new blogshop that sell really affordable clothes!
Cathy the owner is such a sweet heart! she send me clothes as a appreciate to design her blogshop
ill do a proper outfit post on this clothes that i receive from her~
they are having update mid of July!!
i believe lot of yummy stuff will be on the rack~
Accessories haul!
from different different shop~ 
super love the transparent bracelet!
Skincare from Hermo
time to stock up my skin care
to be honest Laneige is the only skin care that i can finish using it 
previously i wasted my full set of clinique and kanebo
im also trying it out lancome blanc expert
their services is really fast and everything wrap nicely!
online shopping is love! 

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