#1 some of the buy from HK & China print..
#2 random outfit on weekend
#3 minimal make up me with usual look hubby
#4 addicted to sunnies..
#5 another outfit (crop sweater + grid skinny)
#6 the day i still feel young haha 
#5 with lovely kelly at uni-mate’s wedding always love to hang out with her..
#6 outfit on hubby birthday~ we go full white and black (both top and bottom from h&m hongkong, tote bag from Monki, hk) 
#7 shopping outfit (Reverie stripe tee & white short)
#8 my new obsession in church! my pastor’s baby! he is so handsome, quiet and cute!
#9 finally! our new studio light is here.. now all we need is more test-shot to have best result!
#10 me camho with the new this mint dress from Reverie too!
#11 a random raining afternoon in studio..
#12 me in flora outer and no make up face running errand in town
#13 Reverie new website is up and running..
#14 Diva Accessories i received last Thursday! such happy color, i am doing a post matching it with different outfit..Thanks Diva! 

4 thoughts on “Insta-post

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