5 May

Tomorrow is a important day to all Malaysian!
im so excited as a first time voter
i never have this kinda of urge to play this part of role as a Malaysian
remember the last election i was having road trip with uni friend in Malacca
don’t understand why this people so ‘semangat’ travel all the way back to hometown to cast their vote
coz the result is gonna be the same one! the same old party is going to win why waste time
but this year is totally different story 
i’m heading back to JB to cast my vote catching with every election related news..
tho i have moved to KL years ago 
but when i change my ic address last year post office say i can no longer change my voting area for coming election
so i think is God’s plan to have me going back to vote for the place i grown up 
no matter which party you supporting if you registered please go cast your vote k!
Im for sure supporting the Ubah Team! we need a change! 
im heading back later at 3am with my dad and come back straight after lunch…
tho it sound tiring but both of us are so excited for this special journey back home! 

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