Casual Look X Her wishlist

is really obvious that im so in love in stripe one way ticket have a stripe wall at the entrance, our fitting room fabric is a stripe cloth, i have a lot of stripe top and bottom i have 2 now..both are sponsored! why im so blessed1 from sungai wang and here another short from Her Wishlist!is really easy to mix and match stripe pant you can simply pick a plain top/tee/blouse in any color..and it will goes well with the panti match with a simple Topshop crop tee in blue 
and of coz a transparent tote to go with this casual lookHer Wishlist have a full range of See Through bag available for pre-orderi personally love it once i got my 1st clutch *read here* coz no matter what you wear what color see through bag sure match it very well!

is good for vacation specially beach retreat!you can place your sunny, sunblock, swimming suit in it! while i will bring this tote to grocery shopping, church gathering.. 

hop to Her Wishlist to check out more about this bag  and many other items they have in store!!

3 thoughts on “Casual Look X Her wishlist

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