Randomness of April

Ok i’m done with all the commercial and advertorial
back on what i use to write..
i feel so awkward when come to attend event 
im not really good in socializing with stranger ill feel extra shy even with people i know…
perhaps i really consider not to attend any of them anymore in future
or maybe on those i really interested in 
wonder why i have time siting here blogging? coz i fall sick, my muscle are so painful 
i can’t even sleep well last night..i can sense that fever is coming along
maybe i just need a rest after such a hectic months
but i do miss going to the office! i love being there working at my work desk with all the pretty stationary
oh ya we started to write blog 
sharing about our thoughts, project, and daily life at work
the black hair faded~ now my root are lighter while end are black 
kinda love black hair coz i look less pale especially without make up
people always ask why am i look so tiring so far no one ask me this question! yeah to black hair
but i really wish my skin turn a little fairer so it look even better.. hahhaa women mah!
outing with Sharon last sat at Wondermama and suppose to have Sherlyn as well
but she couldn’t make it, next time k!
had a really long nice chat with Sharon 

kinda love the ambient and food
we both ordered Nasi Lemak 2.0 (RM15.90) for me and Nasi Lemak 4.0 (RM17.90
portion are really big we finish the rice and can’t finish the side dishes
and my drink was Mango Milk Shake (RM8.9)
very nice too! love it~

Also went to Too Cool for school outlet at Jalan Telawi
been hearing lotsa review
the packaging and concept attract me a lot!
i brought 2 stuff this time am waiting for their Quick Drawing Tip Line to arrive end of this month

Stripe crop top: Topshop
Polka Dot skinny: Reverie

Clutch & Flat : Taiwan

Oh Reverie gonna update new collection Tonight!

Happy mid-week!!

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