WeChat Party

Have been hearing WeChat app a lot especially when i visit Taiwan last week
the advertising poster and tv ads are everywhere!
but honestly never did i install it till a lot of us was invited to their party at Neverland
when i installed it right i realize most of my friends were already into it!
im so back-dated i know
WeChat throw this party to introduce their new WeChat Malaysian Ambassadors-
 Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam! 🙂
other than normal texting and group chatting 
you can even use Hold-to-talk voice messaging and also video calling!
is like whatapps+ facetime+ line! 
all in one, convenient right?!
i saw a lot of people using this Hold-to-talk messaging in Taiwan and i’m gonna try it out!

i was there at the party with these bunch of really pretty young girl!i feel so old…
i design her blog and after few chatting and realize she stay so so near to my place
so we tag along.. she is such a sweetie!
another pretty little girl..haha i sound so aunty right?
and also vickybobo .
 WeChat cupcakes~
 The New Way to Connect!
go download WeChat now and start connect with your friends and family! 
there is this cool selca photobooth that everyone is queing for a photo
this is our version
Find out more about WeChat here: 

7 thoughts on “WeChat Party

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