Casual Look X Her wishlist

is really obvious that im so in love in stripe one way ticket have a stripe wall at the entrance, our fitting room fabric is a stripe cloth, i have a lot of stripe top and bottom i have 2 now..both are sponsored! why im so blessed1 from sungai wang and here another short from Her Wishlist!is really easy to mix and match stripe pant you can simply pick a plain top/tee/blouse in any color..and it will goes well with the panti match with a simple Topshop crop tee in blue 
and of coz a transparent tote to go with this casual lookHer Wishlist have a full range of See Through bag available for pre-orderi personally love it once i got my 1st clutch *read here* coz no matter what you wear what color see through bag sure match it very well!

is good for vacation specially beach retreat!you can place your sunny, sunblock, swimming suit in it! while i will bring this tote to grocery shopping, church gathering.. 

hop to Her Wishlist to check out more about this bag  and many other items they have in store!!

Monotone Room

Hi dear all this is a schedule post, i should be in Hong Kong now 
here a post about the new theme! 
time for a change after 2 month from the last theme
my obsession on monotone mood so got me this idea of transforming my room to black and white as well
so i start buying black bedsheet, cloth, collect quotes, and ideas from pinterest  
i dunno why i feel that tutu skirt have to hang there! hahaha
don’t worry is on my side of bed (superstition) 
i also change all the photo frame to collage of black and white photos of ours..kinda like the outcome
this tree branches that i collect from the roadside, paint it white ,it turn out very nice!
and quotes! some i grab from the internet and some i design a main element for this theme
hubby love this theme the most 
less girly and more classy..
i personally love it very very much~ *run back to room and stare at it for 10min* haha
actually changing theme do not require much money all you need time and effort
this hobby gave me great satisfaction!
i’m lovin it!

Vanity Trove Blogger High-tea Event & April Trove

2 weeks ago i was invited Vanity Trove private blogger event
so i went with bobo  luckily got her if not im gonna feel awkward again in such occasion
Vanity Trove team really put effort in this meet up and we got to know the brand better
is personal and up-close session with them at the meantime all the blogger also got April Trove
and also there a manicure station by Posh! 
but too bad the we didn’t manage to stay for that..
 we set our own dresscode that day
it was print! hehe 
a very nice event we have great time talking, sharing with other bloggers~
okie let talk about April Trove!
as usual a list and detail description of the products~
Perkins Nail Wrap
everyone got so excited when we saw this in the box!
bobo got a polka dot one, others got nautical prints, flora print! so cute 
and this is very easy to use!
actual price: RM39.90
Clarin Intensive Brightening Serum 
5 pack of tester! 
im trying out this..and i love the texture and absorb really fast!
ill see how the result after the finish all the tester if really work im gonna buy it! i need fairer skin!
Kila doll mask
Orkis Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Watery Cream
Issey Miyake Pleats Please Perfume 
personally love the scene! is fruity fragrance…smell sweet and yummy
*drum roll*
 full size product Kate Eyeshaow DB 
i got the brown one! which i normally use!
This month trove is really satisfying!
and you know what Vanity Trove is now
with same, or even better quality and varieties! 
they are only beauty sample box with regional presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan! and is more premium box in the market i can say
Go subscribe your Vanity Trove Box now~
i can’t wait for my May box already!