My love for Spring 2013

Most of you who read my blog know that im into black and white since last fw
and it’s already spring..yet my monochrome fever is still on…
till last month i saw this trend lookbook from Topshop 
and i decide to add some color to my black and white outfit 
with bright color, graphic and stripes! so in love with this trend
just nice for spring right! not too colorful yet simple chic! 
source from
Here are some of the stuff i wish to get to achieve this look 
ZARA Neon Box Clutch
TOPSHOP Varigated Long Sleeve Crop Top
Topshop Pettie Roll Back Tee 
ASOS Shift Dress In Triangle Jacquard
of coz this is too pricey will try to find alternative dress with nice cut like that! 
My first attempt and what i score from Sungai Wang Hong Kong Station event
so happy to get the stripe pant so fitting and high waisted!
i try a few of stripe skinny last week either too loose on me or looking weird on me in Mango and Zara
but this turn out good and super affordable! 
and the neon coral tee i got is actually much brighter then the photo coz i accidentally tune down the color when editing..also another good bargain
will take outfit shoot tomorrow~ and more on Sungai Wang 6th floor shopping in next post! 
 what is your spring inspiration? 

2 thoughts on “My love for Spring 2013

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