My Chinese New Year in the nutshell.. 
Reunion Dinner with the family
Grand Palace @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
part of the food..not bad tho 
outfit of the night..haha ignore my ugly mouth
bejeweled cut in top- Bangkok
Peplum Skirt- Zara
Studded Clutch- Topshop
Studded Flat- Zara


CNY Day 1
visiting at ney’s family 
met the girl for 1st time she such a cutie!
 keep singing the same old new year song to me repeat dunno how many times
im wearing this 
Bangkok Designer top (my favorite top)
coral bodycon from Taiwan

CNY Day 2
back my mum place
tho we stay very near we packed stuff and went back home for a night stay
didn’t manage to take photos with family tho..haih~
playing with my cousin’s bunnies
so cute and fluffy!!! 
CNY Day 3
friends come to visit.. no picture again..
cook a simple lunch and manjong session
then went to mall for some props sourcing 
this new year is like a honey moon for us
just us at home sleep till noon, eat, watch drama and movie together
My favorite top 
Red sling bag-Bangkok
transparent sandal-Bangkok

CNY Day 4
Geometry gold and black sweater- Bangkok
Quilted Shorts- Bangkok
and valentine we spend at home as well..haha
will blog it in next post..
craving for 麻辣noodles at Paradigm Mall..
Crop sweater- Reverie
Checker short- reverie 
Studded flat-Zara

Last saturday brunching with baby ping
she look so pretty in her new short hair right??!
so regret for didn’t manage to buy the cheongsam im eyeing for
next year im gonna wear cheongsam!!
and take more photos with family and friend~~
new year in city is such a boring and quiet..gonna plan a roadtrip next year as well..haha
for sure your new year is more fun than mine right??
still having post-holiday symptom?

8 thoughts on “My CNY

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