Chinese New Year Haul

have you shop much for cny?? 
this year i shop quite a lot coz i’ve been travelling oversea last month 
so just nice for me to collect new clothes for cny 
ya i know right..all black
Studded flat -Taiwan, pointed heel-Sungai Wang
houndstooth flat-Bangkok, Zara Studded flat with ankle strap- Taiwan
i got this zara flat on sales in Taiwan!! and last piece in my size…
is like half the price here!!! super good deal~~~
new clothessss
yup mostly black as well! haha
ill wear red tonight for reunion dinner and tomorrow
then the pastel or the white one first then ill back to black mode!hahha got plan some more..
All from Taiwan and Bangkok…
First year celebrating with hubby family..i decorated the house with some 对联and flower
 the cny mood is rather low here
they are working today will only be back for re-union dinner
we will have dinner in the restaurant ..tomorrow goi no where..
then the in-law will going to for their annual trip and be back on chu 6
and ill be going back to my mum place on chu 2!!! yeah~~~
the most looking forward event this new year!haha..
Hope you have a great time spending with your family and friends!!!!
Blessed Chinese New Year

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