Giveaway winner annoucement & BKK outfit

Sorry for late dear all who comment on the previous blog for giveaway
im so busy with all the works that have to complete before cny!
don’t even have time to get ready for our first cny as a married couple..
 thanks for all the response!! i read every comment carefully!!
1.bnana lady 2.XCB 3.sher 4. kumiko 5.sching 6.ivy k 7.cherish baby 8.kharn yee 9.yingying 10.jolie 11.catherine 12. miss mellisa 13.daphne 14.singrui 15.chermaine 16.jing 17.mandy 18. akijay 19.xiaowen 20.linda 21.mery 22. ilovepolkadots 23.carmen 24.amelia 25.jess 26.prisong 27.Alice 28.kk 29.maykuan 30.see reena 
to be fair i would not choose the winner myself everyone is given a number and the lucky one is choosen by
I hope you can share your photography tips, I love all the photos you take, especially about the room decorations. So, also please have more decorations post, they inspire me to renovate my room. hehe. BTW, seem that your Taipei trip is so fun, their stuffs are mostly less then RM100? I want to have a shopping haul at there too! xD Thank you for the share, I love your blog. I also love your giveaway so much and I hope I am lucky to be the winner.

and here are the list i compile from all the comments..
style and daily outfits (doing it already, but need to be more consistent) , daily make up and hair (soon!), decorate your entire home (never own the entire house!!haha), good bargains(sure..if i found any), skin care tutorial, married’s lifestyle, how to become a successful wife(hshahaha! i can never be!), design artworks, know more about One way ticket
thanks all i’ll try to be a better blogger! you girls inspired me to write more~
im featured in Vivi Malaysia Februady issue, blogger spotlight column!! 
so honored!!! and feel that i do not deserve this..
you should know that i just got back from bangkok
i’ve been there dunno how many times..lazy to count
main purpose is to take stock and buy new year clothes for myself..
usually i go with empty luggage with makeup essential and skin care
and back with 2 big luggage filled with pretty clothes!!
Crop sweater with ruffle bottom, Reverie
Checker short, Reverie
clutch, taiwan and best purchase ever the transparent sandal 

it go well with every outfit!! 
 outfit to chatuchak market
its hot and crowded there so this jumper is the best choice from Reverie too!
again same sandal..haha
sis tien cute outfit that i match for her
crop checker shirt with crochet collar, Reverie
navy corduroy pocket romper, Reverie
in love romper!! saw a few singapore blogshop selling it ..
Topshop crochet shirt+ polka dot corduroy jumper
details!both available in Reverie soon~
comfy outfit prepare for flight
stripe crop top, Reverie + leather jegging, Taiwan

and our favorite food in this entire trip
Coco Japaneses Curry Rice, Siam Paragon
and my must have dessert in bkk, we had it twice this time
After you honey toast
this is valentine edition..i love you toast
i still prefer the normal toast tho
tomorrow is 除夕already!! 
haven’t buy gift for parent, haven’t withdraw money for our 1st angpao giving year
not even clean my room!!! 
but i’m do not have hometown to go so i guess ill clean it on cny ahha 
to you who going back have a safe trip and drive carefully k
May God bless you~~
Happy Chinese New Year to all!!!

22 thoughts on “Giveaway winner annoucement & BKK outfit

  1. hi, i think your reverie store website is very confusing to navigate.

    and also, everytime i want to purchase something, it is always sold out, eventhough i am on time. do you sell to your own customers first before putting them on the blog?


  2. anonymous: hi thanks for the feedback
    but how hard you find it???what is the problem??

    coz the items have limited stock any customer who saw it 1st and order will get to purchase 1st..:)


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