Proper outfit post

So happy to received this pretty dress from SherlyTwenty3‘s owner and who happen to be my client too
I did her site design since she first started and now Twenty3 move to a e-commerce platform..
This is how i play with the dress..
matching with gold foil short (Liberty Sho,bkk) and lace up boots (Taobao)
loving the cut in design of the dress

More feminine look 
The length of the dress is just nice for a short person like me
 perfect match with her wishlist‘s transparent clutch and my H&M platform! 

pictured by hubby ming
Hope you like the photos too~ 
Twenty3 sell lotsa pretty dresses like this!go check out now~
Thanks blogshop owner for willing to sponsor me pretty clothes,I appreciate that very very much.

5 thoughts on “Proper outfit post

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