Great Bargain X Giveaway!

This is a post of great bargain but im gonna start with the not-so-great one
A few colleague highly recommend this cafe to us before we head to taipei
they say is a must try so we went there at 3pm and planing to have high tea..
but the cafe was so packed and people were waiting outside..
they said we can only make a reservation at 630pm
so i thought since it’s really worth waiting and we can go shopping within that 
after 3 hour loitering in the mall finally we were seated happily..
 and the famous honey toast is served!!
very meh.. toast is hard..and normal bread without taste and dry..we can’t finish it at all
mentaiko spaghetti was ok..
and here come the great bargain 
Deer sweater=RM30!!
last piece items i grab from a random stall other stuff in that stall cost RM50++
Army green sweater=RM69! really thick type! 
Thick Beige Sweater =RM35
Stocking=RM3.90 (hahhahaha) 
suddenly turn into budget girl in taiwan..haha
wording sweater=RM35
Denim shirt=RM29
Leather skinny=RM45 
(little expensive but the material and cutting very nice) 
and this leather skirt not from taiwan but my sister got me at RM25 only 

and my lifetime great bargain= a great husband! haha

so now giveaway time!!!
not something great just some other bargain i got from taiwan..
tattoo legging since most of you asking about it and masks..
here’s how to win this!
1. just answer this question below 
what would you wish to read/ know in
and reply it in comment in this post!
winner will be pick on 4th February
oh ya please provide me your email address so i can contact you~

37 thoughts on “Great Bargain X Giveaway!

  1. Hi Kim!

    I would wish to read more about how you do your daily make up and hair! I find your make up and hair style simple yet elegant and wish to know more it! If you have a skin care routine please share it with us too!

    And also do keep posting about your outfit and new buys because I love your fashion style!

    I would really love to win the tattoo leggings because I want it so much! Thank you!


  2. Hi Kim~! ^w^

    I just found out your blog from Fourfeetnine's blog >//< So im kinda new to your blog >w< And i really like your makeup and hair! It looks so cute and simple and natural <3 And i really wish to read more on your good bargains~! And your blog theme is so cute<3 ^w^


  3. Hello kim!

    actually i just found your blog since two weeks ago if not mistaken *winks*
    and i really fall in love with your fashion outfit and simple make-up! so korean-style~so
    i would wish to read your post about make-up and skin care tutorial in make-up really look sweet and natural enough!!

    besides,i would also wish to read your post about your room decoration ~haha~
    i hope to read and see the photo of your new decoration for your room !! *真羡慕你啊*

    anyway,thanks for the giveaway event!!
    hopefully i'm the lucky one!!^^


  4. I wish to read about…….Your room decoration! 😀 You're not only a great designer in multimedia/digital media but you really implement your creativity into real life. I really love your ideas.

    Well, maybe in your post you can share where do you get your inspirations from on room decorating? And maybe something like where to get great bargains for accessories to decorate the room? Do you always reuse stuff or do you DIY or do you always buy these decorations? Haha. Things like that! 🙂


  5. Hi, so likey your outfit's post!!!

    Actually I wanted to write… wish to read about your daily skincare, hairstyle & make-up thinggy and also your home deco inspirations but since other people mentioned already so I think I would like to know more about your married's lifestyle… eg: awkward moments at home with ze hubby, any changes after getting married etc… lol

    maybe you can share out how to deal with your hubby, cooking recipes, how to become a successful wife etc… XD

    Hopefully I'm the lucky one!!! Thank you! ♥


  6. Hi Kim!

    I hope you can share your photography tips, I love all the photos you take, especially about the room decorations. So, also please have more decorations post, they inspire me to renovate my room. hehe.

    BTW, seem that your Taipei trip is so fun, their stuffs are mostly less then RM100? I want to have a shopping haul at there too! xD

    Thank you for the share, I love your blog.
    I also love your giveaway so much and I hope I am lucky to be the winner.


  7. Hi Kim~

    Follow your blog quite a long time already. Deeply love your blog design,is simple and pretty.

    The blogpost are look very neat and clear. I hope you can share more about your oversea trip, likes go where shop, what nice food you eat. The most important is post more about your daily outfit, can get some fashion inspiration from you. Hehe~

    Hope you can post more about great bargain because I am just start working,do not have much budget to spend. Thank so much for the giveaway.

    Have a nice day. Hope Kim can update blog everyday (a little bit greedy).


  8. Hello~
    I like your room decoration and blog template design ~ hope you can share more tips with us ~ You so creative 🙂

    BTW… the dazzling cafe my friends also recommend me …. i wish to try the honey toast too ..but you seem like not recommend it 😛


  9. Hi Kim,

    I would like to read more about your fashion sense and your design artworks in ♥
    I really love to see your fashion style as i think they are all cute and special. And i love the way you design rooms/products for customers. It's too sweet and is a every girl dream=)


  10. Dear Kim,

    Had follow your blog for a period of time. I really like your blog, your styling and your decoration. I hope can know more about One way ticket. Although I haven't reach the age, but your pre-wedding photo shooting is so interesting and I always told my boyf that in future, I want some special photo shooting just like yours.

    So hope you can blog more about that 😉


  11. Hi Kim!

    Here are a few things I would like to read more about in kiminpink:

    1. About yourself (I think you are a fun and lovely person, so I definitely wanna get to know more about you ^^)

    2. Your fashion style ( Honestly, you are my fashion icon. I really LOVE the way you dress up yourself, and admire the way you can carry off so many different looks.)

    3. Your designs (You are the first ever blogger I have stumbled upon that blogs about their designs. I'm intrigued by them and I especially love the way you change your bedroom theme.)

    So yeah, I hope to read more of those in your blog. Will keep continuing to support you no matter what ^^ You are an amazing blogger, keep up the good work! God bless you. xoxo



  12. hi Kim!!

    Things i wanna read more in your blog is actually your Out fit of the day, and stuff you bought in a good bargain with location of course.
    besides that your design (interior or so)also makes me keep coming here.

    Happy blogging



  13. Just do yourself,we like what you are not what we want you to be..your life is good and interesting. May be you can do some tutorials on how you decorate your room/stuffs which i think many people want to know.
    Like your blog from the design to the content..Followed since 1-2 years ago and introduced to my friend and she like your blog so much as well 🙂

    Happy always 😉

    Xiao Wen


  14. I've been following your blog some while and the first thing that makes me attracted to your blog is your blog design and layout! It's so pinky lovely..considering to have you designing mine but worried about budget 🙂

    And, I really luv your fashion style..exactly the style I've been looking for. I hope if you can post on how you style your clothes especially for overseas traveling. I luv your recent Taiwan photo fashion style. Tell us how to travel light with fashion 🙂 And also, where you get budget fashion items when you travel.


  15. Helo Kim,

    Both of us got married on 30th June 2012, guess some how we are fated, haha!

    Simply love your blog, love your fashion, love your artistic.

    Would love to see where you buy all those lovely fashion coordinate and where's your fashion inspiration came from.

    Also, as I'm designing for my home sweet home currently, it would be great if you can share more about your home decor ideas and their sources.

    Thanks for your blog and definitely will continue to follow!

    Look forward your happy news (announce that I'm the lucky winner, :p)


  16. Hi Kim

    Everything that you posted are very interesting.

    Maybe I would like to see the more artistic side of you. More photos, creativeness that convey your feelings and how you are inspired by things and colours.

    All the best.



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