Yummy Taiwan

Im back! kissing the land of summer! 
i miss wearing short and sleeveless top already! but i still love Taiwan for many reason for food, people, weather and everything 
the last time i dress up for winter is like so many years ago when my father was transferred to Beijing and we had spend our 2 month school holiday there for 3 years
dressing for winter is such a fun.. you can go from layer to layer other than keep yourself warm and be stylish at the sometimes..
Shopping in Taiwan is fun and cheap
i love those small boutique hiding along the night market especially 师大夜市
 tops i brought..didn’t buy any bottoms coz its too thick to wear here 
 one of the items i got from Joyceshop
i’ve been buying from them for years so once hubby confirm to be in Taiwan for a month i straight away go order stuff from them..:) 
 so below are the good food i had in Taiwan..and i wish to share with you
just like our bak kut teh but it have more hebs taste
Address: 台北市士林大東路49號(@士林夜市文林路”飛來發彩券行”旁大南路進入續行→右轉大東路)
 士林夜市超人氣 好朋友涼麵
i had it first time from the first visit and it was really good but super long queue
their 臭豆腐 is good too! 
Address: 台北市士林區大南路31號
 My favorite in shilin!!!! just like 卤味but this is way nicer!!
Address: 台北市士林區基河路128號(士林海洋館)
 ate this every time to take high speed train
 My Favorite snack
Calbee Jagabee
very tradisional restaurant serve original chinese steamboat, i love it so much!!
380NT per person 
Address: 高雄市鹽埕區大勇路76巷8號
 Turkey Rice
farewell dinner with colleague  麻辣and winter are such a perfect match! 

Strawberry! RM10 for a big box!! and super sweet~
i finish 2 box all by myself!!

go eat it on my behalf you happen to visit Taiwan!
okie now im so hungry!!! 
i’ve got you something too as what i promise in previous post but still thinking how to gift it…

2 thoughts on “Yummy Taiwan

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