Winter Coordinate

 The weather here is just nice 
around 17 – 20c everyday so i can wear a simple sweater or a normal outwear out to work
i option for comfy outfit since i follow hubby to work so i can’t overdress 
 Sweater (got it here for RM42 only)
velvet high waist pant
 H & M outwear and tube scraf
maroon long top
boots, with h&m glitters sock
 outing day 
fur sweater & gold foil short
Mini dress with jewel collar , legging and silver gilters sock
 Weekend outfit to visit my aunty at Jiayi
H&M sweater, glitters sweater and daisy collar shirt from Bangkok, leather shirt Sis Tien’s, tattoo legging
there are more outfit photos but i’m gonna keep it for next post..:)

part of the hauls here..

i love everything here in taiwan! 
will bring some souvenir back to you my lovely reader! A giveaway!
gimme some ideas what should i buy for you~

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