Being Alone

I reach taiwan and today i follow hubby ming to work
remember the day i was so scare to be alone? read here
and how awkward to stay with in-law family on my own..
 all these ended up very fast and i was actually enjoy being alone fully occupied by work
running around the town alone get things done..
im not that weak afterall..more independent than i think used to think
and my in-laws treat me so good and kind, i think better than when husband is awkwardness at all!!
thru these 2 week i learn to be independent and build better relationship with my husband family..
Thanks God!!
i got to spend new year with my favorite people, my favorite beer, japanese food and yummy ice-cream
she stay at my place overnight.. we have great sharing and pillow talk
she is the sweetest/kind/helpful person i’ve ever met
i always thanks God for her she is such an angel to all of us!
i spend most of time preparing 2 shooting and finish up urgent design job
light pink and mint 
first shooting last last week,
my client love to choose mint dunno why but is good for me coz i have lotsa mint color stuff
 another shooting from last saturday 
always wanted to do this vintage swing and can’t imagine we really got it done!
big thanks to my awesome paw-some mummy!!when i told her i have to wanted to do this
she ask her staff to paint and nail the seating board and check youtube on how to tied a safe knot 
all i need to do is to climb the tree and make sure it’s safe~hahha 
yes i’m a crazy girl when come to shooting..i wear ugly tee, glasses with naked face
climbing hill and tree runing around to get things done correctly..
i enjoy it! and its all worth when the outcome turn out good~
 whenever i saw the swing i Thanks God for my mum!
i love you~


traveling to Taiwan
i brought my work along with me to Taiwan
since hubby will be working so ill spend my day on my work as well
and maybe explore the city on my own for 1 or 2 days
when i’m alone i normally walk super fast! 
despite carrying heavy luggage and wearing layers of clothes..
i just walk like rushing for big business hahah
i downloaded few movies but i spend most of the time sleeping in the plane and train

and im not alone anymore~
coz i meet my love..
hopefully i do not need to write part 2 hahaha if you got what i mean~ 

9 thoughts on “Being Alone

  1. Hello girl, always read your blog but seldom to leave any comment. Today 心血来潮 to post it, hehe.. 🙂

    Sometimes being alone is quite nice too. When bf need to work on weekend. Then I will bring my laptop and go to a cozy & nice cafe or starbucks to enjoy my coffee and get my work done. 🙂 It's really really nice..~


  2. Anonymous:where got i look very ugly without make up when travel haha

    boe: yeah wanna have that for you pre-wedding photos?

    esther: thanks dear! thanks for the words!!! miss u too miss everyone in church!!

    yvonne: Thanks dear! ya i have to learn to enjoy that!!

    anonymous: thanks!

    Linda: its from charles & keith

    Renee: i got it from bangkok brand de…around RM220


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