Happy new year!!!

Spend our last day with church family! And hubby reunite with his favorite cheeky boy! Look he laugh till so happy and 恒恒just 腼腆的笑!

And my haohao just can't stop playing with his tongue and saliva
Haha he is my happy pill! Brought this top for him when he was 3months! Remind me of getting more clothes for him liao!

Today marked the 9day of me being sick.. I just told hubby I forget the feeling of being heathy..
I got no more fever tho.. *Thanks God* but I still feel vy weak, tired, sleepy!
Yesterday we tried to spend some times with in law bringing them to mall, for lunch, n acc them for some work stuff.. I feel my body no longer mine! I just wanna go home asap n knock off in my bed.. But I don't dare to tell them just pretend I'm ok.. So whenever I'm in the car i straight away sleep the whole journey

I slept more than 12 hours last night.. I've got no strength to sit in front of pc at all.. all I wanna do is SLEEP! Actually planned to go out today with my friend for cafe hopping but I really got no mood n feel so tired to go out of house.. Whenever I stand my eye will. B blur n my head is so heavy!

Wht I've I turning to be?!? Pig izzit!

Second blood test done.. blood platelet drop another 10 but still at safe stage tho.. Thanks for all the msg.. Visited Chinese doctor he say heavy flu not dengue n decide to eat Chinese medicine coz the western medi keep make me feel like vomit and gastric..

Lesson learnt don't take Health as granted..time for exercise and workout

Nice place for wedding!!!