Monochrome outfit

i’am in love all the monochrome outfit..
so easy to mix and match
Zara leather shoulder tweeted top
Reverie leather short
Reverie grid sweater (taking order now!)
Reverie leather short

Reverie Cat Embroided Collar Dress wear as top
Love Liberty gold foil short
outfit to church 
Reverie velvet highwaist pant
when i tied my hair meaning im kinda bored with it already!
time for new hairstyle..any suggestion?

i’m addicted with this eyeliner style just start from end part of the eye
easy and fast!

mesh top
Reverie pu leather short in white

check out reverie for more! 

10 thoughts on “Monochrome outfit

  1. Joby: haha that wht i did when im super lazy to deal with my hair..

    yumi:haha but i scare i cant carry such a short hair coz bobo face really small~

    Isabel: yeah i love it too!

    trinie:nope dear i did not straighten my it vy frizzy in real life..haha

    lick burgerL:thanks!

    Sharon: no! i gain fat d!!! no long 3smth!! 41 liao!!hahah maybe coz of the angle in the pictures dear!

    Anonymous: i curl it dear!

    Anonoymous: is from charles and keith!


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