Rose Crowns :: Cute Granny Vintage

Did a simple photo shoot with my fairy light and the rose crown from Cute Granny Vintage
been sometimes never had a proper shooting for myself the last one is pre-wedding photos hahha
but that don’t count got somebody in the photos!
we used to have our own photoshoot session, ill set the theme and be the model and my photographer aka boyfriend that time will input idea 

flower crown that inspired me to have this fairy theme
Thanks to Destiny ( her name also very dreamy) from
she send me these 2 pretty handmade rose crowns!!
its just came in time! im planing to use in on next week onewaytix shooting..
oh ya flower crowns can be for bridesmaids too
CGV have variety colors of rose crowns for you to choose according to your wedding theme

these are all handmade goodness! 

check out their store for more!
Online Shop:

oh ya i got myself a new phone like after 3 years!!! haha..i consider very faithful liao..thanks hubby for this perfect gift!! 
and got a really nice houndstooth cloth case for it..:) 
Christmas is just around the corner! what is your plan?!

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