Isetan X Vivi Fashion Show

Morning Monday
that day i’m super happy to be invited to Isetan X Vivi Fashion Show
been reading cheesie and audrey blog regarding Foruchizu collaboration in Isetan 
they post so many pretty items from their brand 
finally i have a chance to shop..
i didn’t manage to bring my camera along.. so i stole some photo from other blog..hehe
The fashion show feature all the japanese brand that available in Isetan counter..
photo source 
i tag Sharon along..:) finally the 1st hang out with her
she is so prettyand funny, we had a great high tea time with her bf as well..
and that is pretty bobo 1st time meeting her!! she is so tall…and super friendly!!
it was too crowded that day i didn’t manage to shop..
and the best goodies bag ever!
Dolly wink products, skin food, and a bag! 

then i went to isetan again to do some shopping..
love this sweater from Moussy
there’s other japanese brand like Iori, SLY, Majestic Legon, moussy, KOJI, Nice Claup…
and of coz Foruchizu 
that’s me busy shopping
i think they have the nicest stuff among all the counter!!
so many pretty things!!! 

Accessories counter

these 2 items that i really like
shimmer legging and maroon knitted beanie
i got myself this Foruchizu shimmer cardigan.
outfit of that day
IHF cut in tank top
High waist short Bangkok 
supper love cut in lace top!

15 thoughts on “Isetan X Vivi Fashion Show

  1. Sabrina, amanda, isabel and ms bulat:Thanks!! i love it too!

    anonymous:wow really?!i was there earlier hiding chatting with my friend and left right after the show..hehe

    sharon: yalo why so ngam one!!

    Liz: is from my sister..she got it from taobao..:)

    yumi: thanks love~


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