Guide for pre-wedding photoshoot

A reader mailed me asking me things to prepare before pre-wedding/engagement photo shoot
and this prompt me to write a post regarding this topic

hehe i have a pre-wedding shoot taken begining of this year and i also take part in a few conceptual styling and make up in pre-wedding photo shoot

so i think i’m kinda qualify to write this post
pre-wedding photos are really important memory for a married couple especially the women
we can only wear wedding grown once in a life time *officially*.. 
whereas men can always suit up for special occasion 
so here are the guide which i think is very important

Know what you want! 
some may prefer studio shoots, naturals scene, traditional? discuss, share and view as much as you can 
i know lotsa guy just let the girl to decide what she want, but you’re not only a vase! you’re one of the important role in this set of pictures..i believe guys do have their own ideas .if not at least they know what they can accept and what they don’t..girls make them input their ideas in this!
for example..both of you can start collecting reference images from photographer’s fan page or bridal studio website..after that go thru the photos together you will know what he looking forward and what you actually prefer..then find a balance..
Set your theme or color scheme!
Themed weddings have become very popular couples can express their shared personal interests thru themes or color! A theme influences your photographer and outfit selections and also your actual day decoration!this will help you to focus your attention, girls are fickle minded..a theme set will help you not to distracted by a number of different design options. This is always beneficial for those really needing to stick to their budget throughout the planning process.
How to know your theme?? wedding is about you and your love one.. its will be good that the theme show your common interest, color or for me both of us look very childish haha so i don’t want a grand/mature wedding so we go for cute and sweet with the color yellow and mint 
after the theme is set you can have one of the set of photos shoot accordingly! so it will be parallel with the actual day! and your invitation cards, wedding favor can have your photos print on it! 
Creating a mood board is very useful in reviewing whether a desired theme will work and this is my mood board 
Pick you favorite photographer
after knowing what you want then pick your photographer!
 i know favorite one can be very expensive but you should list the name and narrowing down your final choice with you partner in terms of budgets and style..
and ask the quote every aware of hidden cost especially on the extra photos copies
talk to him about the locations and your theme will be shooting at so they can give specific recommendations

Plan your outfits
Your body type. For women and men both, there is no shortage of information about general body shapes and clothes that will be the most flattering for those body shapes. Put in the effort, and dress accordingly. It is always best to bring a few different outfits so that you can change for your specific location. Wear solids or simple patterns

Make it special!
Another fun way to make your session unique and fun is to bring props to align to your theme!Think about personalize your photos!

Makeup and Hair
Find your make up artist carefully! have your test make up done before the actual day! stick to a nice matte finish powders and eyeshadows for flawless looking skin, it is super easy for shiny/glittery/shimmery makeup to reflect light and make you look oily in a photo.

Enough Rest 
have a enough sleep and rest a week before the shooting day! you don’t want to look like panda, don’t you?
and do not argue or quarrel with your partner!! this is really important! no matter how good the photographer is he can’t photoshop away the angriness/fierce in the face!

Finally, the most important thing to remember about preparing for an engagement session is to be yourself! Dress nice, interact with each other the way you normally would. Goof off, make faces, cuddle, laugh, play.

 In short, have fun!

Hope you find this post helpful~

21 thoughts on “Guide for pre-wedding photoshoot

  1. Great post! Though I am not getting married anytime soon but I'm sure this is useful in the future ^.^ Also, I'm hopping by to tell you you have a great taste. Love all your pre-wed photos! 🙂


  2. Ivy K:Thanks dear ivy! hope this post help you very soon! hehe..

    Anonymous: Thanks!hope to hear good new from you soon!hahha

    Sharon: he did a very good job liao!! super supportive and many ideas he can input!!

    Sabrina: Thanks dear!

    oshinz: hehe..thank you!

    Joey: you're welcome~


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