Christmas is here

I received a email from a reader comment that my room is like a shopfront window display change so frequent..haha which was quite true..
so today i present your our christmas display this year
normally i do all this changes before the hubby got back from work, so it’s a little surprise/ heart attack for him.. hahha 
fairy light is a must but i place it on the bed netting from ikea 
our bed is actually quite tall previously coz of the bed leg so i removed all of them 
suprisely it make our room look a little bigger visually 
got myself a small Christmas tree too..
side corner.. 

dressing table need a little make over as well and my favorite wall display..:)

then i find some idea online for the square box that i use it as side table and made a little change on it

this is how it look in the day time.. love how the sun shine in 
another corner in the computer & wardrobe room..
that i transfer the previous prop here..
in case you forget how my previous room look..

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