Life After Marriage

Times flies!!! it’s been 4 month since we got married!!
so far we are happy with our life right now..em i mean me not sure what hubby think..haha
Here my task as a wife:
1. cook lunch twice a his workplace is quite near to our house so he will come back to have lunch with me 2 times a week..ill try my best to come with 3 dishes..hehe i don’t cook dinner coz that’s my mother  in-law territory and i don’t think i can cook for so many people..
2. Deco the room.. no one assign me and i don’t think hubby care about this..but i love to surprise him with new room deco..and love fall in love once again to my room current theme is turquoise and pink!

3. Drive him to work if we have plan at night so he will not caught in jam when he head home after wok.. good wife right..haha
4. Personal shopping adviser and stylist..
5. Trying my best to build a better relationship with the family..hardest task haha.
and i can’t think of any already..haha i think he have more to do as a husband..
no we are not having baby so soon.. marriage is not about having baby for us
we wish to spend more time together and focus on career.. tho i nearly change my mind every time when im playing with babies.. but i just start my Cervical cancer vaccine so i can’t  pregnant till september…

People always say men changed after married..
i think he did change but in a good way
he is more responsible, mature and wise!

i remember someone asked me did marriage counselling necessary or help?
 we think it really really do!
we understand more about our spouse not the personality but the original self
we are both sinners! we make mistake and we we are not perfect
if we know we are sinners/not-a-better person..we will humble ourselves when spouse make mistake you will see her/him like you the “not very good person”.. so you wouldn’t take it too serious or overreact
of all thing we learn from the course..this become my basic in the marriage life
because i’m thearrogant one in our relationship..
we seldom argue coz he do not flight back..haha..luckily
but when i got angry ill always the one who say hurtful word
when i calm down i feel very bad of myself and i will apologize to him tho he might forget about it or getting use to it.. 
 i would never do this before marriage.. i think is the improvement!
we are freshman in the marriage life there’s more to learn..
but we have no fear because God’s word is our foundation

7 thoughts on “Life After Marriage

  1. ms. bulat:Thanks dear for reading!!

    Mary:Thanks Mary

    Sharon: if you interested i can inquire for you ya..let me know k!

    Moon: you're welcome dear

    Anonymous: Thanks!!


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