Giveaway!!! Modbox x kiminpink

Who doesn’t love surprises?!
which a little subscription fees! you’ll be receiving surprise each month!
i love surprise but my hubby is very papan and play safe..when he wish to buy something for me he will call me up and confirm if i really want that thing..if i pretend to say no tho i really want it basically no is no mean i got nothing! so basically i receive 0 surprise from him on usual day..sad right?
so is time to give myself a surprise rather than waiting for his surprise right!!
 That what Modbox offer! especially for me who love to try out new beauty products!

Modbox provide beauty box subscription service!
They partner with beauty brands and send out a box of deluxe samples to the all subscribers each month. their goal is to help make discovering beauty products fun, easy and exciting…

wish to know more on how to it work?!?is easy
follow me!

there are few plans to choose.. 
RM19 per month is quite affordable izzit? 
subscribe 6 or 12 month plan will get a even cheaper price for a box.. 
Step 2: Checkout and proceed detail and payment ! 

Step 3: wait patiently for your surprise to arrive!
such a nice packaging right? printed box, wrapped nicely! they do put a lot of effort in it!

Step 6: unwrap it!
The products are only for illustration purposes as it will be a surprise till you receive the box.
That’s part of the excitement! 🙂
did i mention they are all beauty product samples?!

i love samples 
1. i always having this fear whether a new product work well on me..and those beauty counter assistants always so hardsell and forcing me to buy the whole set! that’s why i don’t like to go those counters in the department stores.. rather than straight away purchase the actual size for a new product that you never use before, a samples come in handy! by using a sample it is sufficient enough for you to know whether it’s suitable on you..

2.another pros about sample!!! its good for travel ~~~i have lotsa samples with me unsealed.. they are waiting for me to bring them out! i have to travel outstation for onewayticket’s project.. and i have to bring along a lot of props with me! i can’t bring all my usage skin care that’s why samples are my good travel partner!

Okie back to Modbox!
i really love the ideas of what they provide! and now i have a great news for you!!
First three reader who subscribes to Modbox monthly subscription plan with the promo code (kiminpink&modbox) will win a debut box for free
do you hear me!! FREE!!

All they need to do is to subscribe for our monthly plan and key in the promo code (kiminpink&modbox) at the checkout page

 (we will request for their credit card details, but we assure you that they will only be charged in Jan 2013 for their second box; they can cancel anytime before that if they choose not to continue with us).
so it’s fair right you can cancel it anytime if you choose to unsubscribe..
so what you waiting for!! everyone love gift!!!

its like giving yourself a surprise present every month for all the hard time at work or study!
especially to all the girls who love to try out new beauty products like me!

go subscribe now! and get your early christmas gift!!

All in one

been sometimes since my last outfit post
less dress up nowadays.. stay in on weekdays and weekend mostly spend my family and church
i don’t want to be 黄脸婆…:(
sometimes really wish to spend time with him at home cook him a meal or just let him play his game after spending long hour at work
so here a few outfit that i compile since last month 
crop sweater,sis tien’s
 leather short, Reverie)
fridge clutch, Bangkok

Comfy Flight outfit I
Oversize Sweater, H&M
Vest, clutch & short, Topshop
Studded Shoe, Bangkok

Gold Sweater & Velvet shimmer short, Reverie

Zara Inspired Military Jacket, Reverie
Shimmer vest, Siam Square
Leather Short, Reverie
Lace flat, F21
Comfy Flight outfit II
Unicorn Sweater, Reverie
Leather Short, Reverie
oh ya got my hair cut and dye sometimes Amy, 76 style
got the fringe back after 2 year.. 

Daisy Shirt & Short, Reverie

Oversize Sweater, H&M
Shimmer Vest, Siam Square
Velvet High Waist Pant, Reverie
Lazy outfit 
Statement vest, H&M
Gold Short, Liberty Love Shop
Alright that’s off to change the theme for my bedroom today!
guess what this time???
hint=holiday season!!!
God bless you! 

My Weekend

I hardly remember the weekend i can stay in relax and chill 
since we got married..all our weekend is occupied mostly work then business trip then church activities
so here’s a sum up of what im busy with 
big part of it is One Way Ticket
we are grateful and surprise inquiries and booking keep coming in slowly
most of the couple prefer to have the shoot on weekend or public holiday
Yee Pin & Geraldine
we had the shoot done in Malacca..we try sometime different or should i say OWT way rather than typical malacca street look
Then Yee Pam & Jeff

 and we help our friend Lucas for The One Concert Video

no more smooth/romantic shooting but action, dancing, and commercial 
never thought we can make it thru!!
then i do some modelling for other Blogshop
 Sometimes i also work as a make-up artist
for the meantime i only provide services for friends.. or onewayticket customer
not gonna make it big part of my job that’s why im not sharing any portfolio..

Recently One way ticket venture into actual day Videography too
here a video we shoot for lovely Yisin…
and we did product photography!
haha this post ended up like a portfolio

this year is full of wedding to attend..

and most of the wedding require travel..but its all worth to share the joy with them
in JB for vivan’s wedding

and recently Kelantan one

then church family camp and youth camp
my weekend are so wonderful huh..
November have no booking or plan on weekend!
yay to carefree weekend..but the poor boy got to work on saturday…
I’m gonna spend my saturday with my family and friend!!
come date me!!