Asiatique The Riverfront, Bangkok

Am back from bangkok.. a place i traveled most..
ill never get bored with this city, coz ill always do research on new and nice place to visit and for shopping ill always gather reference and have what i wish to own this season beforehand so ill know what to get this round..
this time we found a nice place to hang out at night in bangkok!
normally i just go siam square, paragon, mbk or random night market but this trip we went to Asiatique for 2 night

to get there, just take bts to station saphan taksin take exit 2 to the pier for free shuttle boat to Asiatique
Asiatique open from 4pm to 11pm 
nicely designed and spacious..
you can find a lot of nice shop there.. 
and also unique restaurant, bar & bistro 
is a great place for photo session too!
i brought home fragrant here, they products are natural and well packaged!
and this shop LIBERTY LOVE is the reason i visit asiatique, my sister ordered something from them so i was asked to collect there
we read the owner PB‘s blog for sometimes, and love her style very much..
i got myself a gold pant and my sister got her crochet short 
after shopping we settle down at a italian restaurant, Capri that located along the river
really a good place to chill and relax.. after whole day of walking
of coz a good companion..

the good is so so only..but the atmosphere win
outfit of first day at Asiatique
shimmer top, velvet short, velvet fridge clutch and studded shoe
second night 
shimmer off shoulder top, kintted checker short, Topshop stud cluth and Tassel Loafers 
close up shoot..
most of the item will be available in Reverie…
coz i sell what i wear!

5 thoughts on “Asiatique The Riverfront, Bangkok

  1. Hi Kim, I've just recently found your blog and have been following ever since. Just felt like saying that you are a great inspiration to me! And I love pastel anything, so its really a treat for my eyes everytime I pop down here haha. Wishing you all the very best in your businesses and marriage and life! God bless 🙂


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