H & M, Lot 10

Hello all, back from hiatus..another busy month pass and hello october!
haha i know its already 11th..
and i kept this post in draft for so long..
yes its H & M! like finally landed in KL!

see crazy me draggy stuff here and there.. the price range is very affordable and material is not bad too
why you no come earlier!
i when in twice that day..see the shopping bag i already got? haha.. coz i think there still lotsa stuff i missed out.. 
outfit of that day,fall in love with this dress when i saw it in saboskirt instagram and then its available in modparade without thinking twice i had it in my shopping cart.. tho i hate waiting for pre-order but this is just worth waiting! 
 Eyelet scallop dress – http://www.modparade.com
Vintage sling bag- Thailand
vintage loafer- Jaspal
my haul from h & m 
basic tank, knitted sweater and accessories!
i love their accessories most!!
stuff for guys..got this from onewaytix future shoot..heheh so vintage right? and so cheap! 
and this is my september haul..all are monotone..studs
will be away for shopping and sourcing trip tml…
have a great week ahead!!
God bless you! 

6 thoughts on “H & M, Lot 10

  1. Hi Kim, love your vintage sling bag a lot! Have been searching for nice vintage sling but still couldn't find a nice one. Hope you will bring in more vintage sling bags for Reverie =)


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