2012 Birthday Dinner

Hubby Ming bring me to iL Lido for my birthday dinner
haha know this from Sharon blog again, she have great taste so we believe her


Amuse Bouche & complimentary bread

appetizer we had Pan Roasted Scallops with Asparagus Cream, Egg Yolk & Truffle Sauce and special of the day snail salad something..


Squid Ink Taglierini with Crab & Saffron &‘Carnaroli’ Risotto with Crayfish 
we love the risotto so much!! we can taste the smell of sea..hahah
Wagyu Beef Cheek with Caramelized Root Vegetables
im not a meat lover so i don’t really like this


also had Moet Champagnes that night, love it!but it turn our face so red and dizzy..
as for dessert, Traditional Tiramisú and they are so sweet they give me my first birthday cake 
is a strawberry ice-cream cake
no longer a birthday girl..call me birthday aunty haha
thanks hubby for planning this..i feel less wanting to celebrate my birthday when growing older
just want to keep it simple.. and spend time with my loves one..
 wearing Topshop Petite Baroque Lace Shell Top and Miss Selfridge Sheer Chiffon Maxi Skirt and Zara platform
see most of my pictures turn out blur coz hubby very dizzy that time..

 Thanks God for the mercy and grace that you place in my life, i really wish to draw closer to you day by day and learn to become a better person..
and thanks baby for always there for me and try his best to give me a special birthday celebration
love you so much!

 hahah like giving speech but seriously everyday is a gift! when i grow older i experience more death and sickness around us and we don’t know when is our time is all under God’s control..

so i always remind myself to be Thankful of what i have and cherish it..
wanna know what he gift me as present?? hehe.. stay tune!

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