Food Hunting

read about this Korean dessert cafe in few blogs 
so i dated my sis there for her farewell lunch 
loving the deco and interior! especially the entrance! 
but i find it quite similar with plan b design with all the wooden funiture and black framing window 
we had their Sweet Potato Cake (RM9.90) and kimchi soup
the cake is really nice and match really well with the ice cream
will definitely go back to try out the rice burger
i love spending my afternoon there! so relaxing

missing the time we both enjoy food and go hunting for goodies together!
tho she is only in Sabah but we feel far apart.. 
 here another afternoon dated mummy for lunch since im need to settle some stuff in town 
we had japanese food at Nihon Kai, Old Klang Old and high tea at
Le Deux Garcons Pâtisserie, Bangsar
get to know this shop from Sharon blog

my mum don’t want maccaron so we order 2 cakes with long black and earl grey
i love this Passion cake so so much !!!
i never had a cake that ill remember and so wanting to have it again after so so many days eating it!
is a mango passion that content sour to mingle with sweet sensation
 worth every penny!!


Outfit 1:
diamante jean dress with charles & keith bag


Outfit 2:
black knitted card, Topshop mustache tee, Aztec short and black lace flat.

im so lack of stuff to blog nowadays my weekday is working and weekend is again work!
no outfit no dry can! haha..
anything you wish to know or any idea for me to blog??please let me know!

birthday in 2 days! i’m so not ready to grow another year older!!

9 thoughts on “Food Hunting

  1. Anonymous: Thanks Mun!

    Charlene: that was from reverie!

    Anonymous: ya nuffangx took it over but is back to normal..thanks sweet!

    anonymous: i got vy vy long time ago like 5 years ago from taiwan wedsite..


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