Slim TV for my room~

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 Most of my friend know that i’m a drama not this Someone who turns something unimportant into a major deal” (from Urban Dictionary) i’m referring to that i watch a lot of drama/tv series and reality show..and i normally watch it alone while working..

this is how my monitor looks like 
so small right?? the window.. but since i’m watching alone or to be exact listening to drama so i think its sufficient
till recently, me and hubby fall in love with masterchef so so much!!i don’t watch it in the small window anymore coz this show that worth our full concentration and so exciting!! and we even find that a 24″ monitor is not good enough to enjoy such a good show!
this was last night while we watching the finale, we have to bring our 15″ laptop if we want to watch it in the bedroom..:( 
of coz it’s not so good for vision and our position
For illustration purpose**
maybe is time to get a real TV perhaps!! A SLIM TV!!! coz our room have limited space , and this is the best spot to place the TV..since its a walk way so the tv cannot be too thick!
for electronic products, senQ is the first that came to my mind..honestly all the electronic stuff that my mum bought were from senQ coz she is the senQ PlusOne Cardmembers..with only RM12 per year the members can enjoy special discount, collect points, additional 1 year warranty and be able to extend your product warranty up to 5 years..that small appliances with one to one exchange!
That’s me doing aunty stuff checking my phone for my wall measurement so that the tv could fit nicely on the wall..
actually i have not much requirement as long as it is slim, and the image quality is good and of coz with wi-fi build-in will be just enough!
so this salesperson introduce us a few from the slim tv series and we fall in love with this model!

Slim LED TV 40” Series 6 Normal Price: 3799
one of the tv that connect with wireless keyboard..i can use it as my monitor!
of coz not the main reason i love it because how slim is it!!! freaking 4.37cm!
there will be no different for my walkway! 
and also Stay in touch with SKYPE! with tv!!! how awesome is that if i could skype my sis with the big screen~

hubby love it because of this special feature call “AllShare Play**”
“your favourite movies, photos and music can be shared, streamed, listened and viewed on your Samsung Smart TV!” he can simply share anything with his S3 without any complicated steps..since the content is sent directly to the TV without going through your home wireless router.

 most important in conjuction with Senheng’s 23rd Anniversary member get RM350 cash discount! with free gift of 2 pairs of 3d glasses (total:4) or another RM100 cash discount !!! haha i wonder what can i do with the glasses but the deal sounds really good!

and the salesperson is helpful and patient.He showed us all the special feature of this tv and let us test every single thing!oh no..i’m so tempted!!!!

so here another interesting stuff from senQ they are having this Snap n Win online contest all you need to do is to take a creative photo with paper board badminton player in senQ outlet and share it here:
and stand a chance to win Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1!!

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