A Little something

Time for a change since it’s time to change the bedsheet
back to a little mint and white as the base as usual 
going for minimalist and simple

i love how the sunlight shine in in the daytime but it is a little too bright in the night coz our neighbor have this light open all night long.. tho we quite use to it already but we are still considering wearing eye mask or change another darker curtain

on the frame wall.. i just put some simple quote and heart shape in the frames..
on the dressing table.. i change my dessert stand..and i’ve been received email asking where i get it
actually the stand is a combination of a teacup, a small and a big plate..
white the base from the dessert tray 
it’s easy you can simply get the a nice teacup set anywhere!

a random diy thing i did for a shooting..
it’s easy! just get a random glass bottle, some slim rope and dried gypsophila
i actually spray some essential oils on the dried gypsophila

another little corner of the remaining pink stuff that i don’t feel like keeping them in the store..
hope you love the pictures and my sharing~
have a great week ahead!!

9 thoughts on “A Little something

  1. Elly: really!!! so happy to hear that dear

    Kharnyee: thanks dear! u can too! there's lot of inspiration online

    anoymous: thanks~

    ef.ae: thanks dear..hahah so far no and he is always supportive and happy with the surprise i give him..hehe hopefully this last~


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