Monotone autumn

Random high tea session on public holiday
at Bistro42, Bangsar Village 2
High tea Served from 3-6pm daily
RM59.90 for two to share
but its too much for us..just nice for 3 person to share
Love this very moist and rich chocolate strawberry cake
with my hubby boy 
feel so weird to tell people we are married..coz they will always give us a vy shock face!haha..

i’m so into black and white outfit recently 

10 thoughts on “Monotone autumn

  1. hi, reader from Indonesia. may i know how tall are you? u look amazingly petite and cute, n how u dress really inspires me lot. where u buy your lace flat shoes? Jesus bless u&hubby. -S


  2. So many anonymous here..

    Anonymous A: Thanks!!!

    Anonymous B:Camera bag we got it year ago in bkk

    ms, bulat: ya vy vy full.. thanks dear y u always so nice!

    alice: thanks!! i love it too

    Anonymous C: Hi thr! im a shortie 154cm only i got that flat from f21

    Anonymous B: got it! replied!


  3. im shorter 1cm than u 🙂 still u look more cute in ur petite way, n thx for info! i'll check f21 here soon hope they stock it. God speed


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