Random updates III

just some random update
we were so busy with work and church activity..our weekend are all occupied till October..*cry*
 but i do enjoy my job right now
i spend my weekday with all the design job and weekend with shooting and production meeting
below are my everyday routine
of facial
received a few email asking for my facial and make up routine..:)  so there you go
i’m using Laneige for half a year already and it work pretty well on me 
both water bank and white plus renew series..
of make up
i’m going for simple and light make up nowadays
concealer->foundation->loose powder->blusher->eyebrow liner and bit highlighter
a little change of the room..:) 

my lunch (potatoes salad with egg) for 2 days
i got sick so easily these day at least once a month..:( and decided to go for healthier lifestyle
exercise for half an hour (aerobic video in youtube..haha) before i start work in the morning
and stop eating instant noodles but a healthy and balance lunch
then a light dinner..:)

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