#1 current obsession daisy! and my sister got this daisy sunnies for cute 
#2 remove the red theme for the room.. coz we got this really really comfy fitted set in pure white! and match it with flora theme..
#3 finally got this epilator ! it work miracle ! bye bye waxing and laser.. 
 #4 random camho after Reverie new collection photoshoot.. and the day i say bye bye to my long hair..yes i cut it short now..and im not ready to share it yet..hahha..gimme some times!
#5 another obsession prints!!got this Topshop Baroque dress sometimes ago and still loving it!
#6 its been 1 month since we got married!!! we’re adapting married life quite well..and now we got stress from everyone asking when are we getting a baby! hello! we just got married 1 month..
 #7 current drink before sleep! it’s really help to have better not a achol person coz ill always have mycoderma (酒膜) the next day even just a can of beer.. but this choya do not give me this trouble..and most important it taste really good..
#8 see i told ya i have prints… working outfit! really missing day going to work and dressing up for i purposely go to mummy office to do my job
#9 playing around with my typewrite..hahah i have this problem of getting bored of one thing so easy..i need a new look for everything to make me happier..hopefully i don’t get bored of my husband..
i update instantly on instagram follow me kiminpink
stay tune for reverie new update!!!
lotsa yummy prints and pretty details~
don’t ask me when we are still sorting out in batches and labeling the price..

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