Monotone autumn

Random high tea session on public holiday
at Bistro42, Bangsar Village 2
High tea Served from 3-6pm daily
RM59.90 for two to share
but its too much for us..just nice for 3 person to share
Love this very moist and rich chocolate strawberry cake
with my hubby boy 
feel so weird to tell people we are married..coz they will always give us a vy shock face!haha..

i’m so into black and white outfit recently 

Medium Hair Inspiration- Ena Matsumoto

 I mention that i will cut my hair short right after all the married thing is over in this post
but i give up the idea of having the very boycut hair in the post coz sister tien already had that hairstyle and i don’t think ill look good in that..
but for sure i’m going to cut short my long, boring and dry hair
and i decided to have Ena Matsumoto’s hair coz i love her style so much!
she always go for simple and edgy style and everything look so good on her!!
and her hair is what i’m looking for! short but still can style or tie up easily!

how come so pretty!! i can go bang wall liao..
this was the photo i show my hair stylist..i just want the length
and ill do the curl myself..but i have yet to acheive that kinda curl she has..:(

left: the 1st attempt by the hair stylist.. look bit aunty for me and i don’t like it..
right: i mess up the curl so i put a hair band to cover everything haha

left: then going for mature look only curl in the end..
middle:  and the safest way is to tie everything up!
right:i think her face is so small so she look good with fringe up..

and too lazy to do all the curly and stuff and this is how i normal hor? haih

more inspired hairstyle from her.. 
gonna try that curl again tml..wish me luck

Random updates III

just some random update
we were so busy with work and church activity..our weekend are all occupied till October..*cry*
 but i do enjoy my job right now
i spend my weekday with all the design job and weekend with shooting and production meeting
below are my everyday routine
of facial
received a few email asking for my facial and make up routine..:)  so there you go
i’m using Laneige for half a year already and it work pretty well on me 
both water bank and white plus renew series..
of make up
i’m going for simple and light make up nowadays
concealer->foundation->loose powder->blusher->eyebrow liner and bit highlighter
a little change of the room..:) 

my lunch (potatoes salad with egg) for 2 days
i got sick so easily these day at least once a month..:( and decided to go for healthier lifestyle
exercise for half an hour (aerobic video in youtube..haha) before i start work in the morning
and stop eating instant noodles but a healthy and balance lunch
then a light dinner..:)