Most important day of my life

 Its been 2 weeks!
sorry for lack of update..i’m still adjusting my lifestyle as a wife and daugther-in-law
so far so good.. i spend my daytime alone working as usual
sometimes i wake up early to prepare breakfast for hubby (trying to be a good wife) after he goes to work i continue my sleep..haha darn lazy
then we will have dinner at home with the family or with my family..
is blissful they treat me like a princess
hubby will always come back right after his work to keep me accompany..
in-laws will always check whether do i have my lunch..
maid will always sneak in to our room to do all the cleaning when im having meal downstair tho i told her not to coz i can do it myself..
my mum will always call to ask me home or ask me out for lunch..
feel so loved!
so here a little on the actual day..

right: having hard time to decide what necklace should i pair with the gown..till my mom got me this diamond cross tho it look bit plain but i think its meaningful to me
left: his bow tie and corsage..

little props for the wedding..
i do not want those classic candle stand with flower thingy so i do my own base with ikea candle.
our door gift..and tumbprint guest so lucky to found this thumbprint ink exactly my theme color online like 2 days before and the owner is efficiently enough to sent me immediately
the photobooth props.. i have no chance to have pictures taken at the photobooth! sad..but i hope my guest are having fun with it
the moment i feel like a daddy-girl touching and thankful that my dad is willing to walk me down the aisle, coz he’s not a Christian at 1st i told him this he refuse 
i’m so amaze how God works..thru the wedding i feel that my dad really love and care of me
and now i have better relationship with him 
thanks papa
our bestmans and bridesmaids
we got the bridemaids pretty tutu and ask them to have fun matching with any tops 
with a theme color sasha on waist, bow on the hand and my handmade color-sand filled heartshape glass stick
for the bestmans we got them white and mint polo tees match with handmade bow and pair with grey pant
hehe..i want them to look young and fun..
a group photos with my flower boy and girl..:)

thanks so much for the helps dear all!

hubby is having his speech before the ceremony end..
 i’m so emotional that day i started to cry when my father hand me to ming
then another crying when hubby started his speech..and continue crying when i saw my parent is tearing then can’t stop crying when i hug my mum when we handover the gifts to them..
and all my make up melts~~~
  thanks everyone who came to witness our important day and thanks for all the blessing and help throughout the ceremony
Thank God for all the blessing its not the end we know
we have way to go to learn and help each other in the marriage life..
Thanks hubby for all everything to make this happen im a fussy wife i want to do everything by my own and get stress up easily but you always there to comfort me and gives support 
this is a beautiful memories~
next will be the honey moon trip!

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